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Helen  was my Grandmother’s name. Besides since my childhood I have felt deeply connected to the elderbush (Holunder), especially as it was her favorite tree. If you want to know why this tree is something so special for me as well, click on sambucusnigra!

Helen and even my other grandmother Maria have both inspired my passion for cooking and baking from childhood on. We spent many afternoons in the small kitchen, and grandma Helen used to bake apple pancakes and plumcake together with me, in winter she cooked turnip stew and in summer she stirred chilled fruit soups with berries. Maria passed on her handwritten recipe book.


Together with the records of Helen these recipes are my favorite reading matter for cooking and my sources for developing new recipes.
Moreover I love collecting ideas for dishes while traveling. Departments for recipe books in foreign countries attract me like magic, and how I love sitting in a cafe across the road with a good recipe book and browsing through it:

Recipes are so much more than just an instruction for cooking dishes. They are tell me a story and touch my soul.


Apart from books about cooking I am also fascinated by things having to do with cooking and baking. Old  cake plates with a silver edge and showing a still life in the middle e.g. are another great passion for me. They are hanging on the wall in our kitchen and of course they are being used.

Together with the cake plates go many different cake servers – fine silvery ones, thin knives and big “shovels” – sometimes I imagine what creations of  cakes and pies these small works of art may have transported during the last one hundred years! And how many different kinds of plates are there, that staged these pieces of cake?


Well, that’s why I hardly can pass by old plates on jumble sales without purchasing one or the other.

From each bigger journey some dishes have found their way into our house. When it’s being used wonderful traveling memories are coming back to life again. Can you imagine what it looks like in my kitchen? Well, it is quite packed in there. All things in there can tell a story – and I love listening to them!


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